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A contented mind is a perpetual feast.

“THE DORM” changes the image of dorms which people have. We encourage the interaction of travelers who stay in our hostel. We offer you comfortable rooms, great security, high-speed Internet access and well equipped amenities. We hope that you enjoy your stay in new style hostel “THE DORM”.


The Library contains over 2000 books and is a special feature of the hostel. The genres of the books cover a wide range such as: traveling, arts, fashion, construction, food, novels, a collection of photographs, picture books and Manga. The books are there to help travelers bond and share their thoughts. We hope that the library is remembered by the travelers who stay here.

Free Drink

When you wake up, after taking a shower or after having gone for a walk outside, we offer you free drinks all the time everyday. We have a coffee maker, water cooler, tea and seasonal drinks. There is refrigerator too so you can store your drinks and foods. Please write your name on items you place in the refrigerator.

Limited Promotion

There is kitchen so you can cook by yourself. There is a Microwaves, electric kettle, kitchenware and sufficient tableware at our hostel. There are many restaurants and bars around the hostel so you have a wide variety of tastes and flavors to choose from. We believe that cooking during your traveling experience is wonderful because the ingredients differ depending on your current location.

Shower & Laundry

You can use the shower anytime. There is also a women-only shower room. Shampoos, hair conditioner, shower gel and hair dryers are free to use. There are washing machines and dryers.


Earplugs, Hair clips, Hair elastic, Nasal strips, Sanitary cotton, Cotton ball, Swab, Disposal towels, Hand soup, Face lotion, Milky face lotion, Cleansing oil, Face soup and Hair style agents.

Paid Service
Razor, Toothbrush, Contact lens cleaning solution, Disposal sippers, Hairbrush, Hand towel, Bath towel, Body towel and Clothes softener

Rental Service
Hand towel, Bath towel, Body towel and Clothes softener

Please take off your shoes when you take a shower and when you lie on the bed. We have rental slippers.


“THE DORM” is located in SHINSAIBASHI, the biggest downtown area in Osaka.
There are many interesting things to see and sample as you walk around here.
The hostel is close to several famous monuments of Osaka,
like Kani-Doraku (a crab adorned restaurant) and the Glico sign.
The location is very convenient. “THE DORM” in Osaka is centrally located within
Kansai so it has rapid and easy access to the entire KANSAI area,
for instance, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Wakayama.
Traveling around inside Osaka is also convenient and simple too, for example,
USJ(Universal Studios Japan), the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, Osaka Castle, etc…


1. Please go to the underground (CRYSTA Nagahori) from exit 2 of north ticket gate.
And go in direction of Nagahoribashi station and then you can find a big escalator in south exit 10.
Go up by the escalator and then you can see drug store (COCOKARA FINE) on your left side.

2. Go straight on the road between drug store and UNIQLO and you will see Family Mart on your right side.
Keep going straight till you see SEVEN ELEVEN on your right side.

3. Walk a bit further until you reach the 2nd building along from SEVEN ELEVEN.
Our hostel is on the 2nd floor in this building. (1F is darts bar “GARDEN”)

※Notice: The south exit 10 will be closed at 23:00.


1. Go to exit 5-A, exit the station,
turn left and go straight for about 100 meters.

2. You will see a ramen restaurant called“Kibo-ken”.
Turn left at that corner.

3. At the first cross road, turn right and go straight. Walk about 30 meters,
“THE DORM” is on the second floor of the building on your left side.
*At night time, some exits are closed so you may need to find

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If you book in this website now, you can get a toothbrush,
If you book in this website now, you can get a toothbrush,
a rental bath towel, and a rental face towel for free!!
a rental bath towel, and a rental face towel for free!!
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